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Thread: New member in South Glos

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    New member in South Glos

    Hi All,

    Came across the site by sheer chance last week and was very impressed so decided to join.

    I have been shooting and fishing for 35+ years, born in Shropshire and spent informative years shooting rabbits and squirrels with numerous airguns. At school joined CCF and so introduced to all sorts of weapons. Learnt to shoot shotguns in early teens always remeber first lesson at West Mids shooting school , Hodnet. Best thing I ever did.

    Got an AYA Yeoman and then spent 20+ years pigeon shooting, became quite fanatical. Also member of rough shooting club. Loved flighting wild mallard.

    At uni got into 10m airrifle and then Bell target shooting in Midlands and S Wales leagues.

    Shoot Anscutz XIV carbine, .22rf and have custom built Remmy 700 .223. Have FAC rated Daystate .177 and numerous air rifles. Seriously into reloading.

    Pased my DSC I this summer ( took it at Criggion, Powys) wonderful venue and to be recomended.

    Current interest is serious fox control with a very good friend, out several times a week, helps having 60k free range chickens up the road.

    See lots of deer on our nightly wanderings and see no end whilst commuting up and down the M5 to and from Taunton.

    Also access to large area in wildest Northumberland where parents now reside. Have great time out with keepers and place appears alive with Roe and Hares.

    Have stalked 6 Roe so far but looking how many we have need to make some serious in roads into local popn, however maize still to be cut so too much cover at present. Also can't get at lots as not yet got OK to shoot, BAMBI factor is a little strong down here, but working on the PR issues.

    Eldest son starting to shoot, and spent enjoyable Sunday sniping crows and magpies. Got 5 crows and 1 magpie (187yds on laser) but I feel more luck than judegment on that one. However the last shot was a double on crows at 130yds which was a fine end to the day.

    Looking forward to some stimulating comment on the site.


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    Welcome to the site.
    Plenty of help here if you need it.
    I am near Thornbury.
    For deer and vermin.
    Quite a few Roe here and a few Muntac and Fallow.
    I would be interested to read your comments on the Bambi factor.

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