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    This is what the bxxxxxxs do !

    The poor guy was found in the evening and photographed but couldn't be recovered at the time. Went away...Came back the following morning and the head was chopped off and gone. Couldn't find obvious entry / exit wounds. The gate was chained and locked. They were obviously disturbed and couldn't recover the carcass so came back in the night just to take the trophy

    Not on one of my permissions but near


    A seriously pissed off rocky

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    Hello Rockingod,

    Not good, I had suspected poachers back in Jan/Feb time, found Roe remains.

    Shame about the big fella, a nice Stag, waisted!!!

    What do you think killed him? You say there were no entry/exit wounds to be seen.

    Did you report it to the authorities and the land owner, is there known poachers in your area? What is your area, would help other site users in your area to be that bit more alert to the possable threat.

    Hope it's a once off, not that that helps at the moment.

    All the best.


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    Is it possible he had been pulled down with dogs? Steve.

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    Sub calibre to the head most likely given that bulging eye.

    It is a disgrace to do that to such a fine beast.

    Hanging is too good for the bastids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Is it possible he had been pulled down with dogs? Steve.
    It would take "good" dogs to pull him down and kill him, You would expect to see serious damage to the genitalia and throat area, not nice.



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    Looks to me like it has just given up the ghost in the rut to many jabs from bigger stags and his time has finally come. With regards the trophy a deer cant die round here on the roads or other wise with out it disappearing in minutes god know what people do with the stinking carcases

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    Well, I have some idea what they do with the stinking carcases:

    Earlier this year I went onto the ground to be met with something that looked like the deer equivalent of the Somme. There was a dead deer lying in the ditch, there was evidence that more than one deer had been butchered on site and the meat removed and there were several walking wounded including one with the shoulder blown out and only 3 working legs.

    From the remains it looked as if a .22 had been used to attempt head shots but this didn't explain the walking wounded which looked more like something very fast but light had blown up on a shoulder blade. Maybe it was a fast .22 or maybe they were using vermin type bullets in a larger bore. Impossible to say.

    Anyhow, 4 or 5 nights after they carried out this slaughter they came back in the middle of the night and butchered the carcase that was lying in the ditch! Neighbours saw the lights and report that they were only there for 10 or so minutes though they made no effort to hide what they were doing. In view of the sort of people involved I'm willing to bet that this meat was sold and has been eaten in some posh hotel somewhere. This just highlights why greed and poaching are never a good thing, no matter how many people living in housing estates harbour romantic notions of poaching, and how just one small group of people like this could put venison off the tables of the whole country.

    Imagine if all the people who had eaten venison from that carcase got botulism and died? To be honest I suspect that outcome was more likely than the actual outcome which was, as far as I know, that no one died. The poachers wouldn't care and there is no way to trace it back to them but the legal suppliers of venison across the country might find their trade coming to an end when word got out that venison killed 50 people. I'm also pretty sure the hotel, say, would not admit to how they got the venison and so they would have to pin the blame on some legal venison they had. This in turn might come back to a legitimate supplier - one of us perhaps.

    So, that is what happens to the stinking carcases - they get eaten in good faith by people who have no idea of the danger they are facing.

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    Hi guys

    I don't want to say 'where' because I know some members on these types of sites do not have strong/good sporting ethics and trawl the site trying to find out where there are good locations to practice their 'fine' art...

    This.... like many similar sites, slowly gets compromised and will have many poachers purporting to be bona fide stalking people. (After all do people check on their references !)

    Definitely not Dogs ! Big stag. I totally agree with Claret..probably lamped at night with red filters, .22 rim to the head @ about 40 mtrs (ish)?

    Don't agree with LDG no 'body injuries' that was a good healthy 7-8 yr old ? Correct me if I'm wrong here - not that good at getting the age right yet )

    They were probably inexperienced 'junior' poachers who didn't fully understand the problems associated with the carcass extraction of an animal that is weighing in at 250lbs + (inc the grall). The animal was dragged to the location near the gate. It was shot in a recently planted private coniferous plantation. The gate was heavily locked/chained and they either didn't have the brain power to carry a knife to gralloch or the sense to either lift the gate off it's hinges or 'be prepared' and carry a bolt cropper. They found the animal too heavy to lift over the gate.

    There is a house close by and they were disturbed, so left the animal and made off.

    Failing to get the carcass they ended up coming back the following night just to get the trophy to do the 'BIG I AM' bit to their mates.

    The sicko's move amongst us ! You have all been warned !


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    Funny how you have changed your tune from last week, when it was your friend who had finally been caught poaching after years of getting away with it.

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    Hi Red

    You appear to have me mixed up with someone else. Not my post mate


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