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Thread: Help required as giving up stalking

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    Help required as giving up stalking

    Good Evening Everyone

    As per title i have decided to give up stalking due to just not having enough time and unfortunately loseing interest after 8 years i need some help valueing my rifle its a Tikka t3 Stainless synthetic in 6.5x55 with a wildcat moderator , harris bipod , optilock rings and bases , leupold European 3-9x50 30mm tube and sling i purchased the rifle second hand but i know the prevous owner realy well and he had only fired it a handfull of times total round count no more than 200 to date if any one can help me out as to what i might get that would be great many thanks

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    Depends whether you want a quick sale or not. Anywhere between 650 and 950 for a private sale.

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    You could do a search on Guntrader for your model of rifle and that should give you some indication as to what they're being advertised for at any rate, then add what you think is fair for the rest of the rig, or perhaps sell separately.

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    Thanks for the reply i was thinking 750 so hopefully should get that

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    Hi tackleberry dont know of anyone here in cornwall so if you can help out that would be great cheers

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    where in cornwall are you? im in launceston, have a slot for 270 but would put in a variation at the right rice to save traveling etc

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    Hi tomm i live between Truro and St Austell so not far from launceston

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    you have a pm mate

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    If you are going to sell this on here please bear in mind that this belongs in Classifieds once you have your 30 posts

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