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Thread: ASE Ultra Jet Z Compact

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    ASE Ultra Jet Z Compact

    I have the above mod and have just discovered that the thread on my new Tikka T3 .308 is not the same as that on my T3 22-250 which is 14x1.
    I had hoped to use the same mod on both rifles and just wanted to know if it is possible to get a replacement rear bush for this mod in the same way as you can for a Wildcat.
    I also have a Wildcat which is 14x1 which is ok up to 22-250.
    So, will stick with the Wildcat for the 22-250 but now have a 30 cal ASE which does not fit the .308.

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    You have to send the mod to Jackson rifles who will swap the thread for about 30 inc postage.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Thanks for that. I will get in touch with them today.

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