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Thread: Two days out last week to remember

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    Two days out last week to remember

    Hi chaps had two days out last week one on the hill the other in wood land two days i will never forget, heres my account,
    Last Monday alarm went off flicked kettle on opened curtains to a beautiful sun rise, when getting ready & doing a check list of everything pre verves & adrennolin were already pumping around the body. Arrived at the stalkers at 08;00 with a firm hand shake loaded the vechile had a brief chat, with me mentionin to him that today i was after a ten pointer another check of all equiment & off.
    Turned of the main road to the bottom of the estate pulled up for a cuppa allowing for the mist to clear. ( its one of them places were it can shift in minutes or stay for hours )
    The outcome was looking good as he mentioned that he spotted six mature stags the other day with hinds & was certain of were they wood be there today. We deceided to drive down to the end of the lane to see the ful extent of the mist it was slightly clearing but not looking promiseing.
    If i was to be succesful in culling a ten pointer or more i wood have a full shoulder mount done. So at the start of the day i was & by this time i was feeling
    We deceided to drive back down the lane & head towards the other valley as the sun was breaking wel over that side with the aim to heading over towards the direction that we were currently at. Vechile stoppted & deceided to have one last look. Bingo must of bin at least a mile away could only spot one just about to come on the sky line. We deceided to head in that direction as to were he had seen the herd of stags the other day & the mist was starting to clear well. Got our gear together & off. Fifteen minutes walking the sun was beaming down swet was streaming down my back heartd pumping with rise in grade of the fells & with adrenillin.
    Stopping evey 80 yards for the check at about six hundread yards the heard was starting to drop off the sky line heading towards us. ( It is like a bottom of a bowl were they gather every year to rut ) the stalker wanted to head towards the right of the valley following a stream that runs of the fells to hide our noise & favour the wind direction. The last 50 tards or so to the peak of the fell we crawled on our stomachs. I was indicated to wait here while he singly crwals up to check the out come.
    From the next five minutes i thought i was goona die through eithe heart attack of running spiker stags.
    Stalker slid down said s**t ther is fifteen deer up there i replyed " thats good then aint it " he said " not from about 20 yards " He also mentiond i he think we have bin caught by the wind. Slowly crawling up the mature stags & hinds had pushed on to about 75 yards awawy then two spiker deer from about 25 yards aways deceided to trot quite quickly towards us looking mifthed but p****d off i nearly s**t myself the stalker called them they then just vanished like fin air.
    There about 90 yards away a 11 pointer standing full broadside i was told when your ready take it. Started to calm myself down then gone Standing 30 yards to the left a nice six pointer take that were the next words. Calm myself very quick as my finger squeezed the trigger sending a 150g from my 308 remmy sps looking through s&b 8x56 back legs kicked & hered the thump. Off it was S**t i thought stalker was off like usain bolt to see were it was as they were clearing the fells. What we covered in 30 yards as to what was shocking as to the ground to what they had corered. There was no sign of the six poniter my heart sank. we split up with in a minute or so i was wisheled over to come round quietly & quick there the stag was not quite lay on its full side ( some of that was down to gradeient of the hill ) but down we stopped for ten minutes or so just in case it got up. No move ment what so ever approached forward by foot then about ten yards away his left ear flicked up & off. I think my heart stopped. then the stags stumbled about about 60 yards fell but raised it neck the stalker with in seconds had fired another one into its neck boy was i releived. On inspection a lung shot which i was really surprised with how far the beast run.
    Went back for the polarris got it to with in 150yards then had to drag the beast down hill to it. After all sorted having a cuppa he offered me the chance to carry further to try for a maturer beast i of course excepted. didn't see any more deer apart from on the other estate typical. spotted two fell walkers have in a brew then heard there voices. I was really surprised of to how far the noise of a voice can travee with the wind.
    Had a look in to the othe valley seen a few on the sky line but the day was drawing in. I was think in then no ten or plus pointer but a rememeable day.
    He then offered me the chance again of anothe stalk the day after on some other land. i excepted but had to clear it with the mrs as we were on holiday.
    Wednesday morning arrived at his at 06:30 parked up at the destination.
    At 400 yards awaytwo stags with 8 hinds were seen at the bottom of the field but with variuos sheep scattered around the feild. There 150 yards were about two toone on earth were we carefull crawled to just ushering the sheep wawy trying not to spoke them. Glassin the heard one stag jumped the fence & we were spotted by hind & calf. Then i heared far left wait to full broadside take him he's a good one. The hinds were slowly jumping the fence when the stag rose his head fron 220 yards away "now" was the word squeezed a 150g round stag jump stopped then ran 40 yards just before the fence line then the beast dropped heavily after the other day we were taking no chance with this one. When got to the beast he was comfirmed as a ten pointer with quite unusal antlers with a huge body. Carcas weighed 216 pounds. One day on the hill & one very quick morning i will remember for ever looking forward to receive my shoulder mount.
    The following day me & the mrs called into the local nature reserve got settled into a hide then with in the space of about 3/4 of a hour a ten, two nine pointers one eight & a four pointer shown in the shallow pools all roareing through the bull rushes some of them mild rutting but never the less it was amazing to see with my mrs saying its like durrassic park out there she found it truely breathe taking.
    Thank you evey so much Mr J Standing who has the nick name (the billy goat) which is fully understandable. as to his speed & his move ment on the fells.
    I have various pictures that when i manage to figure out how to load them on to here i will do. hope you all enjoy the read.

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    Great account of your trip.

    nice one mate


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