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Thread: Light gathering 10x42 Swarovski el range

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    Light gathering 10x42 Swarovski el range

    Hi guys

    i am about to buy a set of range finding binos and I am swaying towards the 10x42 version but I want to know if they are as good in low light conditions as the 8x version. Appreciate quick replies as I hope to place the order in a day or so


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    Morning Keith

    Best bet is to get a pair of each in hand, and see through your own eyes. I didn't manage to do that, and went for the 10x, and have no complaints. Now, they might not be as good at first and last as the 8x, but having not made the comparison, I don't know, so don't worry.

    The 10x do suffer from wobble, but I always hold them supported on my sticks, so again, no complaints from here. The RFs are a lump heavier than non-RF, so be warned, but all in all, stonkingly good binos and the RF is superb

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    I was able to try both side beside for shake etc and didn't notice a lot of difference. I normally hunt with a peaked cap and I clamp the binos to the peak with my hands when scanning and I find this steadys them a lot . I wasn't able to check them in poor light conditions though

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    Theory says the 8 x would be better, whether it would worry you in practice is a different matter. There may be something to be said for using the magnification closest to the most common magnification you use on your scope as it may be easier to change from one optic to the other.

    Sorry this probably only adds to the confusion.


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    I use 10x42 slc and find there great for the job my mates use 7x42 slc .The only diffrence seems to be the width yardage at long range
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    +1 R/E Kalahari
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    I have just got a pair of the 10x42s. Was in a seat the other evening at absolute last night and I didn't notice any discernible difference compared to the z6i on my 7mm cranked to the same power. Again, not tried them next to the 8x but I would say if you want the extra mag, go for it. As an aside, I picked up a pair of the new Leica RF jobs at the game fair and very pleased with my decision to go Swaro. You won't regret it!
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    thanks guys, my wife had been putting some money away for my 40th birthday and to my delight she informed me that she was getting me a set of the range finding binos. carlsberg wives eh.

    i hope to get them in a week or so and i will god willing be out 1st august at day break to see how they perform, i will keep you posted


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