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Thread: New member from Ross-shire

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    New member from Ross-shire

    Hi i'm Paul living in the Black Isle. I've been shooting for more than 30 years. I am currently in Afghanistan with the Royal Regiment of Scotland and am looking for some Sporting shooting and Stalking on my return in November. Although a novice Stalker I do hold a DSC1 certificate and am keen to learn the art of Stalking and go onto the DSC2. I'm also looking to join a syndicate (both Stalking and Pheasant shooting). I have Shotguns and a .22 and have a .243 with moderator on my ticket, but have yet to take the leap in buying it yet.

    I have joined SD to meet like minded people and gain experience.



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    hi paul ,I am new to the website as well ,hope you can get some guidance from the members there seems to be some fairly knowleble guys on it
    I have been shooting and stalking nearly all my life but havent done the dsq yet and prob wont till police make it stanard,but in generalI think it is a good thing for new stakers,
    I would say to you to keep knocking doors ,make sure you have insurance FARMERS LIkE TO HERE THAT
    but you said you want to join a pheasant syndicate as well,this could be your best bet it would suprise you how many small syndicates have the deer shooting on there ground often at no extra cost or a small extra charge
    all the best

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    Thanks for the reply and the advice, yes I have insurance i'm a member of the BASC who I did the DSC 1 with at Trochry.
    I look forward to hopefully chatting and meeting members in time.



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    Paul, welcome to the SD, lots of knowledge and advise here.
    Stay safe in Afganistan, you guys out there all have our support.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Hi Paul,
    I stay near Huntly moved there around 3 years ago and have since "picked up" a number of farms in the area. I find the way to get ground is to start off asking for fox and vermin shooting and then asking is it OK to take the odd Roe. Most farmers hate a Fox.
    Hope this helps
    You keep yer heed down out there!
    I travel all over the world every month and wear a Unionjack pin badge with support our troops on it.


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    Hello Paul,

    Welcome to the site. I'm only up the road from you in Sutherland, give us a shout when you are home and we will see about you having a stalk. In the meantime stay safe. Tartin Jock is just down the road from you in Inverness, he is over there as well. Nearly enough for an Afghan syndicate


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    Thank you all for the best wishes and support for the boys. I think Tartin is in the same Battalion but unsure who he is, will try and track him down.
    We are all home in the next couple of weeks.

    Yours aye,


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    He should be easy to find, he has just run a marathon out there to raise cash for H4H. Look for someone sore and tired, shouldn't be many


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