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Thread: AW Recomendations please.

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    AW Recomendations please.

    Afternoon Gents,

    I am just about to embark on DSC2, and would very much appreciate the views of recent /current candiates regarding their experiences, positive and negative with AWs. If you have any negative reviews pls PM them.

    Any AWs on here want to punt their services pls feel free.



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    hi Tabs i have just completed mine and had great experiences with john robson or yds and also paul at barony came to my ground.
    I had a cracking time with both of them and if doing it again i would happily go back. mark at stalking in england is also a good guide and if i am right is now an aw so again would choose him also, I dont know any in your area but i am sure others will comment on their experiences also,
    atb wayne
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
    please visit our web site: uksha1
    or find us on facebook
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    I may be able to help as an AW. I have some time available and am not too far from Bedfordshire. If you want to give me a call on 07746 420241 (daytime), we can have a chat.
    Best wishes,

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    I have 2,250 acres of stalking in Bed's or you can make a trip south for Fallow and Roe to my other lease. I very busy at the moment but later in the late autumn or early winter I will have the time. Pm me if you want to chat.


    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Thanks for the replys guys,

    Nice one Wayne, thanks, just the info I am after.

    Malc, hope to get some in before late Autumn, if you have any cancellations pls let me know.

    Glyn will contact you.

    Any more?


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    Glyn and Stalkinginengland

    Quote Originally Posted by Glyn 1 View Post
    I may be able to help as an AW. I have some time available and am not too far from Bedfordshire. If you want to give me a call on 07746 420241 (daytime), we can have a chat.
    Best wishes,
    Glyn took me through my DSC2 and I can't recommend him highly enough, very knowledgeable, very professional and a pleasure to stalk with.

    Mark and team at Stalking in England are also great guys although I've not done any dsc2 stuff with them.

    Both not far from Bedfordshire.


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    Quote Originally Posted by awmc View Post

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    Ha ha. There's been another incident...

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    I just did my last level 2 stalk (been putting it off for years) with BASC at the King's Forest (Thetford) as its ten minutes from home and I could go after work.
    If you were going to do it there I would probably wait until the cover has died back a bit!
    I've met Glyn and he seemed a good guy and came highly recommended. Unfortunately he was a bit too far away from me.

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