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Thread: Laminate stock CZ 452 Hmr Heavy barrel

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    Laminate stock CZ 452 Hmr Heavy barrel

    Hi, looking for the above, STOCK ONLY... Ideally thumbhole, LH cheekpiece or ambi / RH action, A difficult one I know, but they are out there...I cant be the only one...
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    check out the cz training rifle with a manners stock.not cheap but i have one on mine and its awesome.i would post a pic but i have just this moment found my photobucket account is down.

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    Thanks for that...I am after stock only so will look Into manners stocks...just wondered If anyone on here had something....Cheers

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    Boyds do them, but the left hand option might put them over the export price limit, if you're handy with tools you might get a blank sent over and you can inlet yourself. Or try , not laminate but should do the job

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    my one is still sitting here

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