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Thread: Essex /Rochford- pigeons

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    Essex /Rochford- pigeons

    info wanted ,
    the only place around me i'v seen any in big amounts is in Gt Stambridge east of rochford nr the mill, and school , anyone shoot this bit nr the river roach ? it looks as if its being hit hard ,i think its mr's rankins land ? i'am willing to lend a hand or take it on
    paul o'
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    Have great memories of hunting there when the Mid-Essex Beagles were still going (their final ever meet was there in March 2003); if it's the land from the Stambridge to Rochford road, with Hampton Barns and Hampton Wyck in the centre, that will be the Rankins', from memory

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    thanks to all i have been able to meet with Mr A.Rankin and i'm very happy to be able to shoot some pigeons


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