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Thread: Bagged Deer

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    Bagged Deer

    A friend of mine was waiting in a high seat for a Fallow the other night and saw a strange object moving towards him. After a lot of thought he came to the conclusion the object was a bag on top of a prickets antlers. This was the result.

    The deer had the bag over both antlers covering both eyes.
    Would be interested if anyone has got any similar photos.


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    I've seen what looked like a woman with two bags over her head, but I suppose that was for a different reason

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    Was up a high seat when a local landowner rang to say that this fellow was tangled in the straps of a half filled dumpy bag.

    A short 'stalk' and the affair was concluded.

    Poor thing was well wrapped in the bag, had managed to drag it so far before exhaustion brought it to a halt.

    Fallow - anything that moves or flaps, they seem to manage to tie up their antlers in it!



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    Kernel gadaffi. The bags must have been the inferior type. Thicker is better, you can't see through them, so don't have to use two.

    Ian, thanks for the picture. He looks like he was stumbling around for quite a while.


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    I have heard that people go on "Canned hunts", not come across the bagged hunt yet Ian!

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