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    A little Muntjac I shot a few weeks ago, just started cleaning it up

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    Well, for what I know that looks a fairly impressive set of antlers on him, not so "little" methinks and would have been proud to have shot him, well done, where will you put him up for display?

    Regards WB

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    Thanks WB, there is a spot above my fireplace for him (well as long as I get the Ok from the boss).

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    Nice one ben , not having access to muntys localy i would be well pleased with that , my best todate boiled dry and burnt , that'l teach me not to get side tracked !

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    wicked antlers ... the skull looks rotten have you left it to rot.. to get a good finish works needs to be done .. that could have looked really good

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    Its almost a shame it was in velvet as the base width of those look like that might be a really good buck.

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    I have one of a similar stamp that needs to go. I'm just waiting for him to get clean.

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    so what's a big boy like then feller! cracking

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