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Thread: Stainless steel barrels

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    Stainless steel barrels

    Can you very knowledgable tell me the pros and cons of having a stainless steel barrel.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Stainless steel barrels

    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75
    Can you very knowledgable tell me the pros and cons of having a stainless steel barrel.

    Thanks in advance.
    Stainless Steel
    - Low friction.
    - Very durable.
    - No regular maintenance.
    - Difficult to machine and thus more expensive.

    Just about covers it.

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    A fashion accessory for those who can't find 5 mins. to clean their rifle at days' end.

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    Less likely hood of getting rust spots on the blueing, no matter how much you look after a barrel, which can happen especially if you are using your rifles all the time, even more so in Scottish west coast weather. But DaveG summed it up very well.

    Even stainless needs looking after, and cleaning a rifle after a days work, especially if you have been out in the pouring rain is a matter of 5 minutes work.

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    The difference in my mind is the couple of hours the rifle might spend in a slip between hill and home. In the 'old days' I'd often find rust by the time I got home, applies to shotguns even more-so.

    As you may have guessed, I'm a stainless convert. Love em, perfect for here in the wet west highlands.

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    With you there Drew 100% both my 270 and 25.06 are stainless.

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    I have always used stainless/synthetic for the reasons mentioned above, my rifles get hard use and as much as I love blued steel and walnut to look at, I would just worry about it all the time. Especially when stalking away somewhere and cant clean it as I would like, or stalking in thorny woods.

    I wouldnt mind a 'pretty gun' one day, for fine weather stalking, but got to have a ss in the cabinate.

    I treat it as a normal rifle, wiped down after every use, because if you dont you will still get some corrosion, just a lot less than a blued gun.

    I have heard people say that ss barrels are a bit conspicuous but I have not found that to be the case, I think providing it is a matte finish you are ok.


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    I have all way been a stainless steel man, my rifles are a tool for a job, I have three stalking mates that have been “Blued steel and proper wood men” after years of light hearted banner between us about get a real rifle ect. Two have now brought stainless/synthetic rifles as tools for wet days and the third has admitted that the next one he buys will be a S/S.

    If you are a fine weather southern stalker then a blued rifle will be fine but why lumber your self with an inferior product? If you don’t like the aesthetics of the stainless steel you can have then Du-coated black or any other colour for that matter.

    Best rgds


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    So synthetic Stocks don't bend or warp then ?

    At least one prominent maker had to have a recall on "Mattell" stocks.

    I keep a small aerosol of water repellent spray in the truck and give my rifle a quick blast and rud down when I get back, and I never have any trouble. I have a walnut stock on my gun, but I don't make any special allowances for it, if i gets dinged tough luck.

    The guns are robust enough as wood and blue have been used for years, now lets talk about the real issue when handling rifles... that oh so delicate 2 grand scope you have perched on the top. Thats the most vulnerable bit. IMHO
    Handle a gun so as not to damage that, and the rest wont be a problem

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    Poddle you have made a very valid point there. I have both wood and stainless weapons, but I prefer stainless. However as you so righly say, if you drop any of them the scope is the weak point and is usually the bit that come's off worse.

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