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Thread: Mounts for a Swarovski Z6i MK2 2.5-15x56 IR BT onto a Sauer 202 ?

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    Mounts for a Swarovski Z6i MK2 2.5-15x56 IR BT onto a Sauer 202 ?

    After some advise please guys.

    I'm taking the plung and going to order a Swarovski Z6i MK2 2.5-15x56 IR BT to sit on my Sauer 202. Now I've trawled through the old posts and read of some pit falls on mounts etc. So have any of you got this combination and if so what mounts are you using? I don't intend swapping barrels just sticking with the .243 so swing off's etc arnt necessary I guess. Cost is always an issue on the other hand if the rifle cost x and the scope costs x too, there aint no point joining then together for a tuppance.

    Advise always appreciated.


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    You have a few options for scoping a 202.

    You can go the EAW swing-on/off route which is mega expensive. There is also an EAW fixed option which is more sensible in price c.175 if I remember, this worked well and was pretty neat.

    Your cost effective options are Warne and Leupold.

    Warne do a specific set of bases for the 202 which then allow you to use any standard Warne/Weaver style rings on these mounts. I used the Warne's for years on the 202, and other rifles, and I have always found them to be reliable. Bases were c.30 and rings about 60.

    The Sportsman used to have them in stock, I have not checked recently.

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    I just bought Recknagale mounts from Alan Rhone for my Zeiss Rail Scope. Ordered them on Monday lunch time and they arrived Tuesday lunch time fitted in 15 minutes. They are very nice, not the cheapest, but they have replaced my Apel quick release mounts which were to high. The service from Alan was first class he measured and checked that they would fit before sending them and they went on a treat. See his on line shop.

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    on both my sauer 202 i use leupold QR mounts and rings for a swarovski 3-12 x 50 , my rings are medium and i think you may get away with mediums too with the 56mm objective but i am not 100% certain.


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    Thanks for the info and advice guys, much appreciated. A few to mull over, it's always good to get user advise.



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