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Thread: Stuffed Roe Deer heart

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    Stuffed Roe Deer heart

    This is a random one that I came up with because of the amount of BBQ's we have been having. And I thought that i'd freak my mates out lol.

    It's really easy all you do is take a fresh deer heart from a younger beast, cut out, to the best of your abilities, all the chewy bits then pack it full of pesto, pick your favorite, and put it onto the BBQ. leave it for a fair while, that is a technical term for 'until its cooked', then before you serve it cut it thinly with a sharp blade so that the pesto doesn't squeeze out. The finished product will bare a close resemblance to a rolled shoulder, in that the meat will surround the pesto it looks quite smart and tastes amazing. Its also a great way to use up a boring cut rather than just using it for pies and things like that.

    Give me a shout if you try it and let me know what you think, or if you have improvements.

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    Its not as unusual to use the heart as you might think. The method I prefer is to stuff it full of sausage meat (you can use chilli sausage or any other variant), then wrap in bacon and roast. Slice thinly on completion.

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    really like eating the heart but I just cut it like you would do an onion and fry, lovely

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