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Thread: Binoculars addvice please.

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    Binoculars addvice please.

    Title says it all really, I need advice on the best set of bins to get within my limited, 200, budget.

    Before anyone says it, I know I should be spending as much as I can afford on bins, that amount is 200 quid, sh*t bust. Yes I could "save up", but I figure an actual pair of fairly good bins that I actually own and can actually use is far more use to me than a hypthetical pair of the ultimate bins that I might own at some point in the furture.

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    Go and search for Minox, there are various grades, all good to great.

    Alternatively Meopta's are pretty good too.

    Check out Cameraland in New York, they will post to you.

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    The Opticron range are good too. Another place to contact is Cley Spy, they have a great range in all price brackets they also often have good secondhand stuff. JC

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    a friend of mine has just bought a pair of nikons for 200 quid
    i was very impressed with them
    pete .

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    Secondhand major brand names.

    London Camera Exchange usually have a choice and a cooling off period.


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    Just had a look at Cameraland New york

    They have some real bargains and some demo ones for sale


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    Minox BV 8x42 BR for under 180.00 same as mine & from the same supplier, highly recommended.


    Minox BV 10x42 BR for just under 200.00


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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery
    Secondhand major brand names.

    London Camera Exchange usually have a choice and a cooling off period.

    As do Kay Optical, from experience are also worth a look.

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    For bins on a budget, I'd suggest that you at least have a look at a pair of Brownings; they aren't Swaro's/Leicas - but they are within your price range.

    I use a pair all the time (given the amont of stalking that I do I found it difficult to justify spending a grand+ on a set of binoculars ), and I'm very impressed with the image clarity and brightness. A mate of mine has a pair of Swaro's, and uses his pair of Brownings more, and another mate that is a regular user of Swaro's had a gander through my B's while we were out last week and was v impressed.

    Worth a look! (no pun intended )

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    I posted this one about getting a half price pair for 150. I was very impressed with the quality for the price.

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