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Thread: A feral terrier story !

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    A feral terrier story !

    Well on fri the bosses son said he'd seen a white terrier on the farm and it legged it when it saw him ! We had the game fair on sat and he was seen again and everyday around the farm.i decided he was looking like the big wood shed was home and with birds coming soon action was needed .
    i set a fox trap in the shed and baited with pork pie yes pork pie .well after one night I had him .a young animal male all white and very nervous .a good snarl on him confirmed I wasn't going to risk my fingers and I managed him into the shoot spare kennels where he looks pretty the word out with the various dog orgs hope he calms down a bit or I guess he'll be curtains .
    at least the fox trap caught something !

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    Ring Daventry Council up in the morning ,they will come and collect him and take him to kennels.Ring me if you have a problem with them.Wf1

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    Well done on your capture I hope the white terrier calms down and is ok to be rehomed in future.

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    Well as if a switch was turned on the little lad forgot his fears and has become a nice little chap ,just gotta try and find his owners now or a new home will post a pic when I get a mo .

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    No chip in the lad ,hes been for a ride in the truck today I have a couple of options for homes now just trying him with different scenarios to see if he has any problems before a rehome .he takes a little while to get used to new folks but with a bit of help he may even get to work with deer on a daily basis lucky little boy !

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    Sounds like he already has his paws under the table to me!
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    No no no ! Lol he's not stopping I've a lab pup coming in a week with two german shepherds two labs and a spanial we have enough mouths to feed here ,I put my old paterdale down when he was 14 and vowed he was the last terrier I'd own and I'm sticking to it we've already had the mrs in tears when I said no and I mean NO !

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    NO! I cant give the little fella up now, had him too long!

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    they drive you nuts and make you laugh
    ​cheers lister

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    No no no ! Lol he's not stopping.......we've already had the mrs in tears when I said no and I mean NO !
    So, that's a "maybe" then?

    Can we get an update on the poor homeless, defenceless and unloved little cuddly terrier please..


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