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Thread: Range Trip 7-24-13

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    Range Trip 7-24-13

    Got out to the range rather early this morning . Was there a bit before 8AM . Had 4 Ruger #1's to check the sight in on !

    First up was the Ruger #1H 416 Rem Mag . Two shots and I was set at 100 yards !
    Have my old Leupold Vari XII 1-4x on top . Was shooting the Speer 350 grainer pushed with RL-15 .

    Second was my Ruger #1H in 375 H&H MAG . That one was a 3 shots and done . Incidently I have a 1960 Weaver V7 on this one .Shooting the no longer made Nosler 260 grain BT pushed with RL-15 in this one .

    Next up was the Ruger #1B in 280 REM/7mm Express REM topped with a nice older Leupold Vari XII 3-9 . I'm shooting the Hornady 139 SST pushed with IMR4350 .

    And the last of the Ruger's I was shooting today was another 1B in 270 WIN with another nice older Leupold Vari XII 3-9 on top . Was shooting both the Combined Technology 130 BST and the Nosler 130 BT both with IMR4350 and both hitting the same POI at 100 yards .

    For these four rifles I shot I think 14 times . Had two friends coming to join me , so while I was waiting I had plenty time to get them both cleaned .
    I had three shotguns along to shoot a little skeet after we finished at the rifle range . A Browning Superposed 20 gauge field that was made in 1951 26" IC/M , another Browning Superposed 20 gauge skeet gun that was made in 1962 that of course was choked skeet and skeet and finally my circa 1930 A.H. Fox AE grade 16 gauge 26" IC/M .

    After my friends got there I had some Ranch Dog 460-350GC bullets I had loaded with H322 for use in my friends Pedersoli Sharps 45-70 . After shooting a few I think we need to change powders and go with XMP5744 . That thing gave me a slight headache after 10 shots !

    We had mmy friends new CZ527 Varmint in 17 Hornet out as well . Sorry but no pics of that one . He has a Leupold VX2 6-18AO on top and shooting factory it was no problem to keep 3 shots in 3/4" at 100 yards matter of fact all three of us did that !
    I have the empties here so perhaps next week or the week after I can have some handloads worked up for it !

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    you have some nice guns.What a great way to start the day.

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    A great way to start the day but whats the 24th month?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    A great way to start the day but whats the 24th month?
    July 24 2013 !

    We don't do it the bassackwards way you guys do
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    I'd be rather happy if during Damage Control Hunting I can get all my magnum and long action cartridges in the Ruger #1's blooded !

    That would leave me with a 243 , 6mm and 257 Bob in Ruger #1's for hunting season or next year !

    Also have my Mannlicher Schoenauer 243 and my wife's Ranger Arms LH 25-06 . Sometime in the semi near future I wanna get her a LH Remington 700 in 260 REM or 6.5 Creedmoor . Or possibly a Savage something or other in one of those cartridges .

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    I've been talking with a couple fellows here in the USA that "rebore" existing rifle barrels !

    Kinda thinking I'd like to take a Ruger #1B in 22-250 and rebore/rechamber to 6.5-06 ! Also possibly do a 270 up to 8mm-06 . Same for a 7mm Rem Mag to 8mm Rem Mag and last but not least rechamber a 25-06 to 257 Weatherby .

    Actually for my wife a Ruger #1A in 204 or 223 rebored to 260 or 6.5 Creedmoor might be the ticket and if she doesn't like it well I can use it !

    Now I doubt if all of that gets done anytime soon , but I do think on these things quite a bit !

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