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Thread: Alternatives to a coca cola fridge for chilling larger deer

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    Alternatives to a coca cola fridge for chilling larger deer

    As above could anyone please recommend to me a fridge or something similar large enough to take 1 or preferably 2 hinds.

    I have a coca cola fridge just now and good as it is for roe it is not a good height for the larger sized red deer hinds.

    Im interested to see how others get around this problem without having to buy a full sized all singing all dancing walk in chill room (unless soemone can point me in the direction of a cheap outlet for these)

    If you use a fridge or freezer what is th emake/model?



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    I use a large double doored 'Foster' catering fridge which I got from Evilbay for 500. I've had Scottish Hinds in it but it is still not high enough for the Lowland Red Hinds and definitely not for the Stags! However, I get around it by cutting them in half just in front of the haunches and hanging the two halves seperately. This is not a good method if you intend on selling on to a game dealer but for own use it works fine. The amount of meat wasted by doing this is negligible. I looked at the 'Williams' fridges too but they didn't seem to have as much internal height. The other good thing about them is you can have a rail that goes the whole width, but still fit shelves on one side as required. I also have a screen that separates the two halves so I can have jackets on one side and skinned on the other. I currently have two skinned lambs on one side, a Roe Buck and two packs of Hobgoblin beer on the other!

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    Chilled Hobgoblin? You philistine!

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    it may be worth checking out lyme bay auctions at seaton for anyone within traveling distance of east devon ,they have regular catering auctions ,i picked up a coke fridge a couple of weeks back for 28 squid plus comms ,a 9'x6' cold room went for 750 ,and stainless fridges were going for about the 150-250 mark

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