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Thread: A nice fox!

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    A nice fox!

    Haven't had a fox for a few weeks now. Haven't even managed to snare one around my 8 release pens and I usually get 5-15 of them!
    Anyway, the farmer topped one of the foxiest fields on the estate today and I luckily had a highseat in place ready

    The trees in the distance are 258 yards away....

    .....and literally as I got in the highseat, there sat this dog fox

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    They just cannot resist a walk on freshly cut grass.

    Nice one mate
    If at first you don't succeed, reload

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    Yep - all those chopped up mice and beetles can be a real draw for Mr Foxy. The only problem comes when loads of fields are all cut at the same time - then you don't know where to look!

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    great way to spend an evening the bonus fox tops it off

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    The funny thing was, as I stalked to the field, there were three crows out there. I looked up and down, couldn't see a fox, so knelt down and shot the crow. I then walked another 80 yards across the field and climbed in the seat and the fox must have been there the whole time! He started to walk off, so I gave him a squeak which stopped him long enough for me to range-find it and check my app for the correct aiming point!

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