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Thread: Hello from Cumbria

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    Hello from Cumbria

    Hello to you all

    My name is Tom, 28yrs old. I live just outside Carlisle and work as an engineer in the Highlands of Scotland. I am into shooting, fishing, scuba diving and beer appreciation. I keep one long suffering partner/wife in training and a fairly useless Springer Spaniel.

    I have been shooting for the last 13 years mainly with Shotgun as a Wildfowler/Game shooter but I also shot and coached Smallbore/Fullbore disciplines for my university shooting team, so no stranger to a rifle. Just purchased a .243 and will be looking for a new .308 in the near future.

    Relatively new to stalking but keen to learn and I am aiming to do my DSC1 and hopefully DSC2 this winter. Have days booked in Scotland but I hoping to find my own patch eventually, so I have a lot of door knocking ahead of me I think...

    Hoping to meet likeminded people, maybe make some new friends and add my two pence worth to site that has helped me out a lot of recent

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    Hi & welcome to this great site.
    I do 99% of my stalking in cumbria got a ten pointer & a six pointer last week not to far from yourself.
    Chaps & the ladys have gave valuable advice to me on here.
    Sure you will enjoy, happy stalking,

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