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Thread: new member from falkirk

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    new member from falkirk

    Hi there,my name is Brian ,I come from central scotland,been shooting since i was a nipper,its in my blood!!
    Basicaly I live for the weekends, spend the whole week in a factory in Stirling,and cant wait to get up and out on sat mornings.
    I suppose I am lucky,my wife seems to let me do my own thing,as long as I am out the pub!
    most of my stalking is in the central belt for roe,but i am also in a small syndicate for red and roe in the creif area.
    my passions are shooting-women-beer-fishing-football!!!in that order :
    I use a mossberg 243 with a wildcat pred 8 mod with a 4-12x56 scope ,

    mossberg is crap!on second replacment and it is going back as well!!not 6 months old!!!! :

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    Hi Brother Celt !

    Welcome to the site..Lots of good info on here.

    I like your passions apart from the football......being a welshman, rugby union is the forte !

    Chuck the moss in the bin...don't even bother trying 2 sell it..NOT even ebay ! ..I recently chose the SAKO 85 s/s 243...SB 8x56 hungarian...30 mm tube....really nice bit of kit. (I know of a brand spanker for sale right now by the way) Pure functionality throughout 8) 8) 8)



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    cheers for the welcome rockin!!
    thought no one was speaking to me!!
    getting rid off the moss,guys at highland outdoors say i can get a howa intead ,I hear they are ok,

    cant agree about the rugby though, its a bit wimpy compared to football dont you think-lol

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    Believe and u will be highly satisfied !

    I handled all the others in the similar price /quality bracket.

    Yes..they are all o/k...but then I picked up the Sako 85 and my budget changed upwards ever so slightly. was above my original price band but the sheer quality speaks for itself.

    It's a bit of machinery that sets itself apart from the rest of the pack.

    Superb build quality......everything in all the right places...lovely balance..excellent magazine system (steel, not plastic) choose this rifle and it will become your lifelong friend.

    I've not heard one single complaint about this rifle. I've stalked with 2 professional stalkers recently who ONLY make their living from venison sales (no stalking fees etc) and they had the 75 before and have now upgraded to the 85 because the cost of barrel replacement is not really that cost effective. (They dispatch in excess of 300 deer pa EACH !) It's straight out of the box and you don't have to mess or play with it at all.

    Absolutely bloody brill rifle !

    Hope it helps

    PS...Still don't agree with football...RFU is still the best in my book !



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    Hello Bauldy!, glad to see the hyphen after the word shooting!!! I think you're both wrong about "THE game", it has to be Hurling for me! 8) Steve.

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    Hey Finn

    What's hurling ? Is that when you shoot a deer and then hurl it into the boot or something?


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    Rocky, watch the all ireland championships, usually on telly around christmas.

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    bauldy here,
    think i,ll try hurling.
    my f*****g moSsberg in the bin !!

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    Well there you go...... another definition of hurling eh Finn !

    If it's any help I can give you the name of my local gunshop who has scrapped a few of my old guns recently !


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    Hi rocky

    wont be scrapping it ,only 6 months old ,its going back to the wholesalers who then have to send it to a gun smith before they issue a refund or replace it!!!by the way this is the second replacement,the prob is the bolt fist 1 kept misfiring mabye 3 out of 10 shots,and the replacment is the same!!!
    they may make good pump action shotguns for clearing drug dens in america,but they are **** at rifles!!

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