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Thread: Wanted - 30.06

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    Wanted - 30.06

    I'm after a 30.06 which will be used for Fallow, Sika, Lowland Reds and possibly Wild Boar very soon if the little buggers show up!
    I would prefer a stainless screwcut barrel and synthetic stock if possible. I quite fancy another Howa if possible but will consider anything. Anyone got one gathering dust at the back of the cabinet?

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    There was a rem 700 (synthetic but cant remember the model) in Bangor North Wales, came with a Leupold and an S5 mod. I had a think about it but couldnt get the cash

    Very few shots.

    Worth having a look, it was on guntrader


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    Yep, seen the ones on guntrader. A Remmy 700 and a Browning X-Bolt which I don't know much about?
    Someone on here has got one that would be perfect for me and they probably haven't used it for ages!
    If only they would see sense and sell it to me they could do soooo much with the money. It would have a really nice home too and get lots of use. Go on, sell it! You know you want to!

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    Bloody 'ell MS I nearly went out an got one just to sell it to you your post is so convincing. Don't forget the old wife an two kids to support stuff

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    I'm now sorted thanks to a bit of help from Leec6.5!
    Full Sako set up ready to go which I shall be checking zero on tomorrow. Thanks again Lee.

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