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Thread: ND3x50 Lazer Genetics Sub Zero Model

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    ND3x50 Lazer Genetics Sub Zero Model

    For sale is a Lazer Genetics Sub-Zero ND3x50 light.comes with everything as per photo box scope adjustable clamp 25mm+30mm.
    Allan key piece of rail.
    They are 329 at Scott this is the sub zero 50mm model.

    160 posted signed for.

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    Why are you selling this? Are they as good as they sound?

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    Hi there i have 2 of these and they are very good. So spare one going to venture into something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roebuck243 View Post
    Hi there i have 2 of these and they are very good. So spare one going to venture into something else.
    How come you were looking for one earlier this month? Did you need 3?

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    You can buy Fakes on the Bay from China, they copy the box and paperwork to make them seem authentic. I am not saying this one is of course, but an idea is to check where it was bought from a recipt.
    That aside i can vouch for how good they are, ( The Laser Genetics one) i used one last year for Foxing, the range that you can light up the foxes is well over 300 yds and you can see every hair on the animal!

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    Exactly why I have 2 of these I also have An import from china so 3 monkey spunker.
    If your interested I buy gear like there's no tomorrow .handheld searching and aboard 2 rifles for various quarry .
    This is a genuine sub zero laser genetics they are great .
    ​as I've included detailed photos and a clear advert I thought this might be enough but no .
    so to say again genuine sub zero laser genetics for sale 160 posted if its not for you then don't come forth.
    Also the copies are no where near made as well as the originals, everything is different starting with the box!!!
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    Your inbox is full mate

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    have you still got this or has it gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by actionman1 View Post
    You can buy Fakes on the Bay from China
    I bought one of the cheaper 30mm ones a while back.
    Sold under the Optima name on e-bay, open the box and dig the instructions out, and find it is a Laser Genetics one.
    Says so on the instructions and packaging, after comparing it to the genuine BSA one, it's identicle, well except that it works no matter the temperature at less than 80


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    Hi yes still for sale ,my in box was full,sorry.
    Ive learned the hard way with a lot of gear buy cheap buy twice. Ebay is ok but a lot of fakes and this is a sub zero model if in doubt check them out. Sorry to hear you can't afford the real thing hornet 6.
    The lights are great but only reason for sale is I'm always buying shooting gear. I swop I change I loose money but hey only here once.

    Yes still for sale.
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