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Thread: Waterproof Seat Covers

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    Waterproof Seat Covers

    Can anyone recommend a decent supplier of waterproof seat covers to stop me wrecking the new motor?

    I'm looking for front and back seat covers and probably a boot liner as well for a MK5 Golf (not the usual shooting brake, and definately not the L200 I was wanting, but lets just say it's a 'shared' vehicle ).


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    Just wait till you get your 'shared' vehicle dirty after going across the fields


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    Ha ha! I've already made myself familiar with the handwash on the way back home. Just need to make sure I keep the inside of the motor clean as well and my life should just about remain worth living!


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    yes mate i got a new set for my hilux at the midland game fair,company is called impacta based in the midlands,i think this is the number,01902 2496307,if not let me know and i will get it for you,really good quality.just to let you know i dont have any connection with the company.hope this is some help to you.iam really pleased with mine.

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    Stanley Harris ltd, Seaward Street ,Glasgow

    Heavy duty water proof seat covers for all types of vehicle ,van ,truck two seat or one seat combinations for vans etc .

    These are top quality covers that actually stay on the seat ,unlike the cheap covers that fall off every time you move your arse.

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    Top Tip if you have a shared vehicle: if you are zeroing off the bonnet, DON'T let an empty ping out and get stuck in the rails of the open sunroof, fail to notice, only to have it pointed out to you in less than favourable terms by the the other sharer ringing you at work asking if you know why the sunrof may be jammed, because she does...

    Funny, but it didn't seem to go down too well....

    The same can also be said for blood, feathers, and empties in the footwell, and filthy pawprints and doghair everywhere.

    (I can't remember where I got the covers for my Disco, but I'll find out and let you know; somwehere in Cornwall or Devon I think. Vehicle-specific, and keep the c**p off the seats. No longer a shared vehicle either! And my 2 dogs are NOT allowed in my wife's car!!)

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