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Thread: Airline approved rifle case

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    Airline approved rifle case

    Looking for a good reliable (not made of card) single rifle case to accomadate a tikka t3 with a schmidt 2.5-10-56. Prefrably airline approved just in case I ever get the oppertunity.
    Suggestions and advice greatfully recieved. As always loads of options but personal experiences much preffered to marketing hype!

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    Peli case or storm case, have both used both on Airlines.

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    Peli or Peli Storm are the only hards cases I'll trust my rifles in when traveling.

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    Peli 1750 is the way to go.

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    I've long been a fan of Pelicases but I've recently been introduced to B&W International cases, made in Germany. They are made to similar standards to the Pelicases but are a good bit lighter - my B&W Type 72 rifle flight case is almost 3kg lighter than my 1750 Pelicase and only cost me 160 including pick'n'pluck foam inserts, plus it has space for two rifles and two broken-down shotguns. Definitely worth a look.

    There's some good YouTube clips of B&W cases being tested.


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    Accept no immitations got to be Peli cases for peace of mind.
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    cheers all. Any suggestions on where to go for a good price!
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    In my view a Peli is a lot more weight and volume than you need just for transporting a rifle. Get to the other end and try fitting a big Peli in a small hire car, or paying the excess baggage or...

    Sure a Peli will do the job, they make first class cases, and it will give you a nice warm feeling inside but it is like shooting a 700NE at roe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Peli and where I'm sitting at the minute I have, beside me, 2 Pelis with gear in them, and 7 other flight cases of various designs.

    I always recommend custom flight cases to people wanting to carry rifles as they will be up to the job, smaller and lighter though don't expect to pay less than a Peli for one. Get a good flight case maker and they will make something exactly to your spec. Sometimes it is even possible to design it to meet a weight requirement - Easyjet allow 12kgs extra when you pay for a firearm and I have a custom flight case that with rifle, scope, bipod, mod and sling comes in at just a hair under 12kg. Perfect, plus it is the right shape and size for me to tell everyone that it holds a set of bagpipes :-)
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