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Thread: Sako 75 Stock

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    Sako 75 Stock

    I have a Sako 75 Hunter in .308 I've been told by quite a few people now that the stock is exceptionally nice and I should either have a go at really doing it up. or sending it off to be properly stripped back and polished up.
    I am looking for either a Synthetic stock, laminated stock or finnlight stock to put on my Rifle. while I have the work done.
    if anyone has a stock going for sensible price I will be very interested.
    Thanks Secret

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    How about ordering a "seconds" quality (with product value of under $100 to avoid ITAR restrictions) from here

    then sell it afterwards?

    For info on the $100 max rule see Boyds Stocks info here

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    forget 'microfitting' stocks, having done them before I can reassure you there's no 'micro'! the fitting is quite burdensome, very often you will need to cut out most of the barrel channel as well, so that includes purchasing barrel channel cutters from the states, etc. etc...oh, you'll also need to finish it.

    they are a shooters nightmare, and a stockmakers worst nightmare!

    better off finding a cheap 75 stock like you mentioned, or even asking about borrowing someones spare stock for a few weeks at a nominal rent?

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    I have one for sale, which is currently at Forest Lodge Guns at Wragby Lincs. It is a genuine Sako 75 hunter III action synthetic which I bought for exactly the same reason as you need one. 01673858554

    I have moved on the 75 so it is surplus to requirements, it was only fitted to the action for a few outings and is essentially in mint/v.good condition. I can't remember what price I out it up for but I'm open to negotiations.


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