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Thread: Roe Rut

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    Roe Rut

    Has the Roe rut began ? Not a lot of activity in the south midlands .


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    It's on here although still seeing does on there own!

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    watched a buck and a doe the other night in south Lanarkshire she was desperate for it but the buck wasn't interested so I was going to take him out unfortunately the doe then spotted my mate and the two of then bolted over the horizon pity he was a nice buck too

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    Its on in Dorchester
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Was out this morning and see 6 bucks but none came to the call! And only one with a doe but he was a very good animal! Am back out this evening so hopefully have another go..

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    It's on here. Shot two bucks yesterday morning both charging into the call. Seen another buck chasing but left him till next week.

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    saw some chasing about this evening on my patch (suffolk)

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    Very much on in Hants (Hook area) & Surrey (Guildford area) as of Monday (22nd Jul '13)

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