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Thread: Whats on the hook this week

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    Whats on the hook this week

    as so many of you seem to be heavily involved in arguments about various calibres, you must be spending all day bashing keys, Just to make sure the deer population isnt exploding lets have a quick poll .What have you shot this week?

    I knocked a Roe over on Monday, one of 14 in a field ,the herds are gathering. Drop your mouse and grab your gun.

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    hi i shot two does on sat with a remmy .243. 95g nozzler rgds roe-buck

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    Bambi Basher

    As one of those who has been using his mouse a lot this week I thought I better post , went out Monday and…………......………..blanked

    Oh you could have a point, still can’t stalk when it’s dark.


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    Out in a high seat Saturday morning, Sunday evening and Tuesday evening. Blank Blank Blank!!

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    Took out a good friend on saturday, Stalked three fields shot a nice medal CWD. His first.

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    Monday morning 1 Fallow Doe. Seen in the distance from a high seat and then stalked to 20-metres. Bang , Flop.

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    Shot a fallow doe on Saturday and two more this afternoon.

    Could have shot a Muntjac yesterday but only had the .22-250 and I was waiting for a lamp shy fox to come along. Muntjac lived to see another day and the fox never showed. Thats life!.

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    I know the feeling

    I went out last year in doe season and saw only bucks, and in buck season?

    yes you got it does

    on a normal shoot day we see 4 to 8 every week, but can I get round them?

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    friday night yearling doe from high seat.
    Saturday morning mature doe(one of seven on forrest track) during blizzard and with 8 inches of snow on ground.
    Both fell to the 243win using 95 grain Silver ballistic tips. No excessive damage to report.


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    a cracking 4 point labrador sized muntjac buck, stalked last night after i came down out of the high seat.
    plus i have made the keeper happy as this buck had been barking all summer setting the dogs off during the night.

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