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Thread: This man should be MBE at leats ! possibly CBE

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    This man should be MBE at leats ! possibly CBE

    One marathon, one gold medal, one cycling win & an OBE. This man deserves a MBE "berger" the poxy OBE, they will soon be in car boot sale there that many Fact is if I had my way 21 world , 21 of the best against the best !! 21 world titles he should be MBE !!

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    for clay shooting ????????? he's made a good living at it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    for clay shooting ????????? he's made a good living at it .
    Other sportsmen make a hell of a lot more and end up with better gongs.
    even baldrick is now a sir!

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    Wouldn't it be fantastic if we had a "search" facility on this forum?

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    It's deja vu Rodney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord muck View Post
    he should be MBE !!
    He is

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