Having read and re read the regulations in respect of the requirement to register as a food business i recently went on the Central Beds Council website and found that I could register online.
Thier guildence notes were great and there is a line that says its free and they cannot refuse to register you. Filled in the form making it clear that i was registering the fact that i use my personal vehicle to transport deer carcases (food) to a local game dealer.
Had a call today from a the Food Safety Officer who covers my area. Very pleasent lady. Said they don't get may requests like mine but was happy that i was doing the right thing. Just asked if I had concidered any of the risks to contamination and what steps I take to ensure that the risk is minimised. No further paperwork required and I will be contcated in three years to check that nothing has changed. I asked if I needed to inform them if i decided to have a chiller at home as a staging point in case the game dealer isn't open. She said from a food safety / registration point of view as this wasn't a significant change and therefore no but i might want to speak with planning and evironmental health as i might be concidered to be running a business from my domestic address.
Easy, painless and free.
Sorted (all legal and above board).....