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Thread: scope for lamping rabbits

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    scope for lamping rabbits

    guys just wondering what scopes you guys have on your rimfire rifles for shooting rabbits in the falling light and at night time when lamping????

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    Nikko stirling gold crown 4-16x50 on my hmr. It has accounted for thousands of rabbits and many foxes.
    90% of the time its used with a nv unit nowadays

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    I always used a Simmons Whitetail 4x40 on my .22 R/F.
    Never had any problems

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    I use a leupold 4-12-40, great scope in the day but in falling light I wonder what would be better for sensible money...

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    Try a simmons whitetail classic, they are great at night and not bad money.

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    i have a hawke nite eye on .22 rimfire, not had any probs with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by verminshooter29 View Post
    I use a leupold 4-12-40, great scope in the day but in falling light I wonder what would be better for sensible money...
    What would be your take on sensible money? Under lamp would a fix mag be better over variable? I'm curious as well.

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    I've had variable mag scopes in the past and usually ended up setting them on 6x and hardly ever,if at all,altering that

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    Zeiss Conquest 3-9X40 on the .22 and a Swaro 4-16X50 on the .17HMR

    A baby bunny at 90 yards looks small under X9. Not sure how you guys manage on X4

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    I usually shoot at 8 mag,never need much more than that.bought a 6-44 eb optimate scope recently,a wee cracker.was wondering about 50mm obj lens with fixed mag,figure a more expensive scope should be better

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