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Thread: LC Smith 10 gauge

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    LC Smith 10 gauge

    Picked up an LC Smith 10 gauge today !
    Gun was made in 1890 and is steel twist . Thirty inch barrels modified and modified . Overall it needs a good cleaning , but all in all I think it's a shooter !

    This is a nice one to go with my W&C Scott pre 1897 10 gauge and my 1920's Ithaca 10 gauge , now all I need is a decent Parker hammerless 10 gauge !

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    Only ever had one LC Smith in my hands, my uncles 410 side by side. It is a beauty.
    You have some collection there.
    A few of the locals are dropping off there old shotguns to our workshop for storage as they
    have either given up shooting or husband passed away etc. All of the shotguns that came in so far
    are completely loose, slight bulges in the barrels and so on. Nothing that you'd dare sell on. In one way
    it is nice to see because at least the guns were used hard, not only safe queens.

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    I've shot doubles for about 42 of my 52 years . My first was a WW Greener tang safety 12 I still have . And since then we've added W&C Scott's , Westley Richards , AH Fox's , Parker's , LC Smith's , Ithaca's , LeFever's , Crescent Arms , Browning Superposed , Remington 32's and a Krieghoff 32 .

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    I almost forgot we have a little Iver Johnson double 410 my mother gave my father for Christmas about 35 years ago !

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    I have 2 10s, a spanish monster, and a parker GH that was inheirited from my grandad. It has 27/8 CHAMBERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by hammer 1 View Post
    I have 2 10s, a spanish monster, and a parker GH that was inheirited from my grandad. It has 27/8 CHAMBERS
    I'd like to see pics of your Parker sometime if you were ever so inclined to take pics !

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    Nice find I bought one in 1980 it was 2 7/8 chambers 32" full/full with thick heavy tubes I can remember it was a decent shooter, I sold it to a fellow wildfowling club member who took the chambers out to 3.5" and he still uses it today.

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    Shot a round of skeet yesterday with the LC for the first time and broke 23 of 25 . Followed that with 3 rounds of my Browning Superposed 20 gauge for a 95 of 100 day . Back when I competed that wouldn't have been acceptable , but now it isn't so bad .

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    Well today I got the forend back for this old gun !

    The small ebony forend tip was chipped off a bit and he was able to repair it !
    I had also broken the left firing pin and my gunsmith buddy fabricated me a new one !

    So hopefully thursday morning I can pattern some 000 , 00 , #1 and #4 buckshot loads !

    Eight shots one of each outta each barrel should suffice !

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    Just got back from the range !
    Tried a 000 and #4 Buck at 25 yards !

    Well as it looks #4 , #3 , #1 , 00 and 000 Buck all shoot well enough in this gun for what I'll do with it on deer !
    Now all I need is to draw an area for Chincoteague NWR !

    Oh yeah , one can pursue Sika and Whitetail on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge for those unaware

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