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Thread: new sako 85 hunter

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    new sako 85 hunter

    I decided to get a new sako 85 hunter im really looking forward to getting it but theres a 6 month wait as there built to order.
    really hope its worth the wait

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    Im sure it will be worth it mate I love my 85 cracking bit of kit I have the syn stainless model though
    Got your message to mate iv got alot of brass now at the moment cheers took 3 foxes and a muntie with me homeloads yesty evening with is giving me good confidance in them so il stick with the sako brass at the mo
    Take care jim

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    You'll be happy with that , lovely bit of kit

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    you won't regret it mty and get a light mod for it if you are going to say hardy g4! i'got a t8 on my .308 s/s but moveing away to lighter mods buy a lot .t8's are good but heavy

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    its a long wait, but worth it.
    no worries jim, glad the reloading is going well, mines on hold at the moment, have really got the time, fountains are keeping me busy surveying at the moment
    catch you soon

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    at the moment i have a wildcat, what would recomend as a lighter mod?

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    got a wildcat on my 85 but thinking of changing to a atec.

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    Atec good for the 85 thats what I have on mine and it's a nice bit of kit.

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    wont go wrong with the sako.

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    6 month wait? Seriously?

    I have two 85's and love them... seriously good kit and worth the money ... but what are you ordering for a 6 month wait?

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