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Thread: 357 lever action

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    357 lever action

    Afternoon all

    I'm in the market for a lever action rifle in 357..

    if anyone has a nice Winchester or similar please get in touch..



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    Not for sale but I like my Uberti 1873 Winchester Carbine in 357...but if you fancy one get a new one as the action isn't built IMO for a real walloping from 357 and is best kept to target stuff. Shoots well enough for me using iron sights.

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    still looking guys...also like the marlin lever action if anyone can point me in the direction of a nice second hand one..

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    Tried guntrader?[NewType][]=Rifle&Filter[NewMechanism][]=Lever%20Action&Filter[Calibre][]=.357%20Magnum&Filter[Calibre][]=.357%20Mag&perPage=30&sortField=Price&sortOrder=a sc

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    Hi yea looked on guntrader most have been sold or not what I'm looking for...

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    Sorry to hear that. If you put up a "wanted" GT will email you when something matches turns up.

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    I have a 1894cs marlin in 357 mag that I am thinking of selling its a nice gun and shoots well just not using it. Let me know and i'll send you some photos

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    pm sent multiman...very interested.

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