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Thread: high seats

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    high seats

    A friend of mine who i stalk with, has just been layed off. he is a welder fabricator, and he has asked me if he could make some high seats (with a bit of help) and sell them? (or exchange for us some stalking ) so i told him id ask around and thats where im at at the mo.
    Ive priced up material and i reckon around 100 for a lean to and 150 free stand but im just guesing at the mo he might be able to make a tower but we will see.
    So is any one intrested please let me know?

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    Pass on my commisserations to your welder buddy!, I have had a very thin time of it for the last 18 months in the welding game, so much so I had to drop back on to operating a quarry for a while, I have a few mates who are welders of all codes & types, it's pretty grim out there! so good luck with it but don't lean out too far just yet Steve.

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    Sorry to hear this - is it Chris?

    ATB for the future


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    high seats

    ye it is chris . he's gutted that 150 means alot more to him now

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    Sent you a PM with Petes Number - he is looking for some high seats.


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    Where are you located?

    If you could get weights for the seats, so people could price up courier delivery might help also, providing they could be split for transportation.



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    Dannys in the north east


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    high seats

    Hi Dan,
    Sorry to hear about Chris,real nice guy,suppose the pig trip will have to go on the back burner,things are a bit tight my end also,managed to get permission on a few fields where I did some mole,gassing,mainly fox and occasional munty,may need high seat, later on, Tone,,

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    high seats

    sorry ive been away stalking.
    I,m in the north east but oftern up near dumfriese so could pos drop them off. We are going to make them so they come to bits (prob 3 pieces) and weight ill find out. cheers danny

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