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Thread: Hello from Germany.

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    Hello from Germany.

    Greetings all,

    I have been shooting smallbore rifles/pistols and fullbore pistols since my teens, now I am 59 yo.
    How I got into hunting. In 1992 I was on an engineering assignment in Roswell, NM, USA working on a bus project to be built on the famous Roswell airbase (where the 1947 alien landing was reported from, the bodies were supposed to have been taken to the airbase after the CRASH? for autopsy). Anyway a fellow contractor with me there was a hunter and said "if you shoot then you MUST hunt" so after six months of him badgering me I went out after a pronghorn antelope in the typical half desert landscape there which I shot with my Thompson Contender in .35Rem at a range of 180 paces, (then it was "stolen" by the UK government in 1997 along with all my other UK pistols, RIP). pronghorn uum- It has a strong flavour of sage from the sagebrush it eats.
    That started my interest in game shooting so I went alone out on a mule deer hunt in NM with a borrowed 30-06 (now I own it, as my USA pal has retired from hunting) plus six wild turkey hunts, and two whitetail hunts.
    I moved from the UK to Germany in 2002 mainly because of the 1997 UK pistol disarming fiasco.
    I did my UK National Stalkers Competence Certificate (forrunner to the DSC1) in 1997 & then the German Jagdschein course in 1998-9, My partner is Bavarian and we have 2 girls now grown up and 3 grandchildren all located in the Munich area which is awful at Octoberfest time, unless you like strong beer.
    I hunt the area around my village for roe/boar - loads of them here (use google earth at D-92363 for an aerial view) and I go twice each year in winter to the Berlin area for goose shooting.
    Now that I am retired I am picking up my game & pigeon shooting again in the UK with newly reissued SGC/FACs.
    I am booked in on the first 2009 isle of Arran BASC stag week on 21 Sept.
    I am based in Dover when I am in the UK.

    Guns owned - Browning Eurobolt/Mauser 98/Ruger No 1 all 3 in .270 Win. A Win mod 70 in .338 win mag. 1936 built Springfield 30-06 shoots 4 into a sixpence , Sauer drilling 7x57R-16bore. Heym O/U combination 6.5x57-16bore. BRNO ZH O/U combination 8x57R-12bore. TC Contender in following calibres .17Rem, .22lr, 6.5JDJ, .35Rem, .35Rem max. Plus loads of old hammer shotguns. (as you see I am a bit of a magpie).



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    hi bavarianbrit i worked in bavaria 14 years ago between starnberg and weilheim seen some good deer and the area looks like you could bump into paul newman on his motorbike at any time the weather can get a bit cold in the winter through

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