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Thread: In field hoist

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    In field hoist

    Thinking of setting up a in the field (well woodland) hoist for field dressing
    Got an old punchbag frame i was thinking of strapping to a tree and rigging up a gambrel and pulley for dressing out deer in the field before taking back to a chiller
    Does anyone else do anything similar or have any suggestions?

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    T hanger and hoist, no need for brackets, just a good branch........great bit of kit
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    I sometimes carry a very light pulley system made from dingy sailing parts. Never use a gambrel as a branch
    and a bit of paracord will do the same. The big advantage of dressing in the field and skinning at the car is that one can get rid of the skin
    and other bits right away. I stick the skinned carcass in a plastic bag and at home straight in the fridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post
    Yeah had seen them..thanks
    Not sure it would work on a pick up truck and i have a lot large reds to cull

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    Well, in that case you need a big tree......


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    Donnington deer management make a transportable hoist that will handle large reds. It will lock on to a ball hitch on the back of your pickup.

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    Machine mart engine hoist

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    I sometimes carry a very light pulley system made from dingy sailing parts.
    I have the same set up made for me by a friend who's very into his sailing. It will lift red stags. I also have a lightweight hoist that was sold by Aldi/Lidl's for about 8. It will handle fallow and sika.

    I don't use a gambrel just a single S hook and let the spare leg hang free.

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    climbing rope, tree and gambrel, throw rope over said branch, attach deer to one end, vehicle to other, drive forward, done lots of big fallow and reds this way, if you have no trees substitute for sky hooks.

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