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Thread: what does the the other half say........

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    what does the the other half say........

    hello all,
    we all enjoy the sport we do but just what do the other halves think about it?
    do they say to you dont be cruel or i dont know how you can do that, you must have a wooden heart??
    or do you just not say nothing which can lead to suspicious minds!!

    sometimes while you are out in the field with your trusty hound dog, and your good luck charm tucked in your pocket, do you ever think to yourself am i really the devil in disguise??

    personally my missus is fine with what i do, although she does not take part in the sport, she is always interested to know wether the day has been a sucess!!


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    What does the other half say

    Hi Duggers and all. I will get in first and see what the rest have to say.
    My wife, children, grandson and even in laws have no problems with what I do.
    Even my future son in law (from Tunbridge Wells) came round very quickly to our way of life and is happy to eat venison, pheasant, game pies and anything else put on the dinner table.
    Everyone in the family has been out Beating when needed and Daughter and son in law will stalk with me when they can. However, country clothing for everyone has been a bit costly over the years.
    Family Evans will be at the game fair as usual and hope we will meet like minds.

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    My wife used to be a pro falconer so she's all for it. Took her first shot with the 6.5 the other day and wants to do more...I'm a lucky boy!

    I'd have to tie my 8 year old down to stop him coming with me...can be a bit annoying when he won't stop talking but I'm not going to do anything to discourage him.

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    what does the the other half say........

    Hi all
    My Mrs is a vegitarian who wouldn't hurt a fly, however she is quite happy breasting pheasants and making sausages, and she cooks meat fantasticly well
    The whole of her side of the family are cockneys who don't understand what I do and couldn't eat venison in a million years, however they all love the "special lamb" I cook for them at family BBQ's
    Drew, just remember that first shot she had, when shes out stalking and your at home minding that 8 year old

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    l don't seem to be able to get out the house alone these days, my 12 y/o daughter is hot on my heals given the chance if l am of stalking or lamping even my 4 y/o son will jump at the chance to come with me bunnie bashing and as for the other half well she has her own 22 and 22.250 so need l go on 8), it gives a whole concept to a family outing but none of them will knowingly eat any type of game so all the more for me

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    All very good to hear! My sister is a bit of a hippy anti hunting type so I try not to step on her 'blue suede shoes!' The wife is pro shooting and hunting and 'sets my soul on fire'. So that's okay!
    The ex was really into her fluffy animals and would of prefered it if I would have just been her 'Teddy bear! ' But hey shooting what I do and I don't give a 'Blue Hawaii' what the antis think. So what if they get 'all shook up!'

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    sorry beowulf, the 'elvis' themed post and your reply drew no attention, we try to wean them off the beaver, but once they get the 'bit' between the teeth then beaver is here to stay!!

    i cant believe that no-one picked up on the 'kings' song titles used in the posts

    back to the drawing board


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    Hi Duggers,
    A little less conversation, a little more action please!

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    i suppose 'its now or never' to move on, but i 'just cant help belevin' that someone out there cottoned on!!

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    I would have known what you were up to from the first post because 'you were always on my mind' and I would have viewed the thread with 'Suspicion! Has anyone told you 'Your a devil in disguise', o yes you are!

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