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Thread: new member from USA

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    new member from USA

    posted the other day, but seems to the wrong place. I am a new member from western New York, USA. We hunt whitetail deer here with 12 bore rifled barrel slug guns. I have stalked roe and fallow in the UK with a 270. I have stalked red and sika in Scotland with 30-06. I hunted plains game in RSA with 375 H&H. I am friends with sikamalc, the site looks great and I look forward to everyone's discussion.

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    Hello Paul,
    Welcome to the site hope you enjoy it. Malcolm is still up where you left him last week but I shall tell him you made it onto the site when I see him later today or tomorrow.

    Glad you got back safely.


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    Thanks JAYB, a pleasure meeting with you and yours! Fantastic cake!

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