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Thread: Stock Help Wanted Please

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    Stock Help Wanted Please

    Gents i just tried to order a Laminated stock from Richard Microft ( usa) only to be mailed SORRY we can't deliver to the UK. Have any of you got info where i could order from. Rifle is a Tikka T3 Hunter .25-06 Not interested in the UK ( SORRY Chap's ) due to price as my stock had i been able to order was 120
    Thank's Boydy

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    Have a look at JoeWest stocks.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    IIRC the UK importer of RichardsMF stock packed in about 6=8 months ago due to ill health. I can't recall his name.

    Is there nothing in the Boyds stock range that takes your fancy?

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    Accept it as good fortune, I had one delivered last year, when it arrived six weeks late it looked like a laminated fencepost. Its sorted now but took a lot of work and swearing to get how I wanted. Try Boyds stocks, in my opinion the laminate is better quality and the finish is better

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    +100 very nice black laminated one

    Q[joe west stocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    Gents i just tried to order a Laminated stock from Richard Microft ( usa)...
    I got a stock from Richards Microfit about 10 years ago. It was cheap and cost a fortune to get it finished as it arrived with a very rough finish. Ultimately it was very nice as per the picture on the left. I think there are better options nowadays. Regards JCS

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    afraid with stocks you get what you pay for, I have looked at joe west and the quality is very good and at least if there is a problem you can talk face to face with him.

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    I have a friend looking for a laminated thumb hole stock for a Tikka T3 in 30-06. Do Boyds make one? I have a Boyds on my 270 for the price cannot be beaten. Fab quality.

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    Thank's for ALL your reply Gent's. Tusker i have emailed Boyds as they dont seem to do a stock for a T3.

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    Boyds don't do a stock for Tikka T3s at the moment but if enough people show interest and submit the product request form on the website they would make them.

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