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Thread: Scottish Wild Boar.

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    Scottish Wild Boar.

    Hi, guys - thought you might like to see a nice Scottish Wild Boar recently completed. Just shy of a medal but a big boy for Dumfries-Shire nevertheless. His neck measured 33 inches at the atlas joint! ATB Bill.

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    very nice
    ​was this a true fee roamimg boar ?????

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    first class bill think gareth will be happy with that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amberdog View Post
    very nice
    ​was this a true fee roamimg boar ?????
    yes free roaming with Solway stalker

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    Well done - ! Very nice work there.......very very nice

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    I have shot boar in Europe for 20yrs, but Dumfries seems to produce some very good animals. A mate (big Pete who is no longer with us) had some very big boar on his farm in Dumfries. I think you have a better chance of a medal in Dumfries than in Europe, certainly the trophy fees will be cheaper.
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    Awesome work yet ageing bill.

    Ive stalked boar quite a few times with Colin having culled three boar in three outings.
    its awesome stalking not as easy as some may think but worth while.
    for those who haven't yet tried stalking boar with Colin I highly recommend it and if successful you will be hookedtruest me, already looking forward to October onwards and I'll be there.
    take advantage of the carcasses also as its quality meat.

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    World class taxidermy, nice trophy

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    A friend of mine has a permission near Carsphain and the farmer has told him there are boar on property.This guy shoots pigeons etc no FAC. What Calibre is need.

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