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Thread: .243 Tikka T3

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    .243 Tikka T3

    Up for sale is my .243 Tikka T3, Synthetic stock, Blue barrels fitted ASE UTRA JET-Z Moderator and Optilock bases. Changing up to a .270 so am selling it. Is 18 months old only light use. Is at proof house at moment so i can legally sell it. Looking 700 ono. Face 2 Face or RFD transfer at cost.
    I am in West Sussex

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    Hi there,

    Is this still for sale?

    I may be interested.



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    Is it sold yet? may be v intrested as just about to add .243 to cert. Please PM me.


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    Good rifle this, I have the same, I to be honest will pull this out of the cabinet 80% of the time, unless I know I'm going for the Reds only. I am extremely happy with it and shoot 100gr homloaded round out of it with great success.


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    Another thumbs-up for the T3: I use a .243 Tikka T3 in synthetic and stainless - I'm very pleased with it, and have just re-zeroed with Federal 100g softpoints... 3 shots in 3/4" @ 100yds off the bench/bipod with factory ammo is plenty good enough for me.

    Stop umming and aaahing and buy the thing!!!

    Early Christmas prezzie to yourself...?

    (and no, I'm not on commission! I just like my Tikka....)

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    I am still interested in this and have PM'd you.



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    Pm sent Snelly

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