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    Off to Brussels on business for a few days soon are there any gun shops I can visit and possible buy powder and bullets heads that you know about that I can visit??



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    Try but I'd be VERY cautious about importing either powder or SOFT POINT (Section 5) bullets into the UK. After all either on ferry or train flammable goods are an absolute "no, no".

    Things quite often can turn out not as we would like. Especially if local special legislation like the Channel Tunnel Act creates an offence regarding inflammable materiels. Stick with things like reloading dies, slings, 'scope mounts and 'scopes etc.

    Two good shops in Antwerp within five minutes of Central Station also.

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    Cheers enfield will try and get over there to have a look.

    Are there restrictions on bringing back sierra soft point heads then? I thought it might be ok with them being in the EU and all????

    I accept the comment regarding powder tho' on reflection it probably isn't worth the hassle.

    Wheres the shops in antwerp Enfield?? Do you have details?



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