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Thread: SIKA RUT

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    I have been down to my perm for the rut but have not seen or heard any evidence has anyone else seen any evidence yet??


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    Been calling for 4 weeks now but only fighting for the last week and a half.

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    Sika Rut

    Got these three last week in Co. Wicklow, the big lad came to the call within a couple of minutes, all i gave was three blasts of the caller, he weighed out at 60kgs in the larder.

    The other two stags came from approximatley 500mtrs to the call, last week was the first week that they started reacting to the call properly.

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    hey wicklow, what's the best call sound to attract the sika stags? I heard a buttolo works on sika stags but have only used on Roe. What's the trick?


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    Sika Rut

    I use the buttolo call, have used it for the last four or five years, i have found it very useful.

    You can replicate the sika call with a bit of practice, i have found that you dont have to overuse it, if there is a stag in the area even one blast of it will get their attention, a couple of times i have called a couple of stags at the same time.


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    A Buttulo for Sika, I must admit thats a new one to me. Do you use the same as you would for Roe???


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    many thanks wicklow I got one of those but never used it, which end do you blow, the long one or the short one?



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    Sika Rut

    I use the clear plastic end, but you can use either end, but i just find using the clear end easier.


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    clear plastic which is that?

    Sorry Wicklow if I'm being a bit thick here but I cant visualise what your trying to tell me.

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