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Thread: Infac Safe Replacement key

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    Infac Safe Replacement key

    Just a quickie, perhaps someone has an answer:

    To cut a long story short, one of the keys to my gun cabinet has gone walkabout, it's an Infac, which I believe are made in Spain. I wasn't happy to keep the safe, in case the key had found it's way to where it shouldn't be, however unlikely, so I used the opportunity to buy a bigger safe and replaced it. The original safe has now found a new home where anybody having the original lost key won't find it. However, it would be good if a spare key could be sourced. The remaining key has a serial number on it, but I can't find out who the importers are and how I'd go about getting one. I guess Timpson's won't have a blank...

    Has anyone had this problem and how did you solve it?

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    Is it the type with 2 separate 7 lever locks? If so change the locks

    7 Lever Gun Cabinet - 7 Lever Safe Lock Non Key Retaining | eBay

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    Any locksmith can cut or source a replacement key for you though most safe keys tend to be a bit more expensive that the usual run of the mill keys.
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    It's the type that has only one keyhole that throws five bolts. Maybe blanks are available, 8X57, I'll have a look about. Thanks.

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    Don't know if I've missed the point but as I understand it you have one key that fits the one lock in the safe and just want a spare key. Presuming this is the case any locksmith would be able to copy the original key

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    I think lads guns were the importers/distributors

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    Thanks for all the above. I'm sure I'll get sorted.

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    I found these details on the WEB, might be of use. Or as said try Ladd's.

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