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Thread: Zastava M-70/98 6.5x55

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    Zastava M-70/98 6.5x55

    New to the forum and the caliber.

    In fact... I've only had the rifle out once...this past Friday since I purchased it.
    Zastavas are not very common in Canada where I live and I'm wondering if anyone has any reloading pointers for that caliber and rifle.
    My thought being that members here might be willing to share their "pet" loads and save me a lot of time trying to develop one from what references I have.

    For instance... do they favour a lighter or heavier bullet?
    Has anyone tried Barnes solids?

    The rifle will be used for Whitetailed Deer, Mule Deer,Black Bear and perhaps Elk.



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    Welcome Great Bear. As I understand it, Zastava's are pretty solid rifles. 6.5x55 has a strong following and with good reason but there are those better qualified to comment on reloading than I (They will be along shortly).

    Solids really aren't that popular over here as our legislation requires expanding ammunition for hunting and the target loads tend to be FMJ but you never know. (I'm guessing you want the solids for the bear?)



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    Thank you for the response.
    ​I think you might have misunderstood me... we can't use ball ammo for hunting either.
    The Barnes bullets do expand but... they tend to hold together better...especially if you hit bone.
    They mushroom without losing mass through much.

    I just prefer them if I'm using a lighter they do make a bit smaller exit hole if I'm trying to save the hide... and I might just take this new rifle wolf hunting this winter.
    If it comes down to a lighter bullet for the Zastava...I'll just use one my other rifles for bear.... otherwise anything in the 130 or 140 gr is more than enough for Black Bear.... they aren't as tough as they look.
    I know guys that hunt em with 243.

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    I just got the same rifle in stainless for a hunting buddy. Did you get yours from Tony at Tradex Canada ?

    I've never used the Barnes bullets in my 6.5x55's, I've usually stuck to Noslers or Normas. As a rule slower burning powders like 4831, 4350 and RL22 work best. I've used Nosler 140 gr Partitions over IMR 4831 for a number of years now, they work really well for most of the hunting I do. I prefer a heavier caliber for moose, even though its fully capable of cleanly taking them. Its just a personal thing , I just feel better hunting moose and big bears with big heavy bullets. There's a lot of 6.5 shooters on this site, I'm sure someone has some suggestions for Barnes bullet loads.You could also have a look on Barne's website, they do have some reloading data.


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