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Thread: swarovski customer service

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    swarovski customer service

    i recently decided that the glass on my swaro 2.5 x 10 x 56
    scope was looking a bit scratched and dullish
    i have owned this scope for around ten years and shot in the
    region of 700 foxs with it as i was off to the midland i made a
    call to ask if they could refurbish the glass not a problem was
    the answer from the very polite lady at the end of the phone
    that was 20 sept the scope arrived back from austria yesyerday
    with what looks like new glass to me and with four different parts
    used listed on the job sheet attached
    they charged me not a penny for this service for what looks like
    a brand new scope . a big thumbs up from me to swaro service .

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    That is a good service. I have been toying with the idea of getting my bins done. There only two years old but over this period i have scratched hell out of the eye releaf glass when i use my fingers co clear the rain from them. Its just the coating thats scratched so shouldnt be a big hassle i wouldnt have thought.

    Would it be possible to get the contact name and number from you ?.
    PM me if thats OK.


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    Wow - that is good service. Comforting to know as well, should my 8.5x42's start playing up


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    S&B Riflescope

    I had a problem with my S&B 1.2-4x24 Zenith Flashdot and spoke to the Sportsman.
    They agreed it was a warranty job and offered to get it done for me but would take between six to eight weeks.
    I contacted S&B last Tuesday, got UPS to collect it from me Wednesday, it arrived at S&B in Germany Thursday afternoon, I got an E mail yesterday, Monday, saying it had been repaired and was on it's way back to me.
    It arrived today, Tuesday.
    Apart from the cost of sending it to them direct, rather than letting the Sportsman send it for me, It cost me nothing to get the job done in less than a week, never mind six to eight weeks!!!!
    It just goes to show that the 'German Efficiency' reputation still stands.

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    swarovski after sales service is second to none. I had 8x56 binos fixed, cleaned and resealed after new dry gas put into the innards. Same service for their rifle 'scopes. No charge !

    auquhollie - I presume you are not a wearer of spectacles. Don't use a tissue, your hanky or the corner of your shirt you mucky boy. Buy a cleaning cloth from any optician or from boots in their speccy department and use that - they are made so they will not scratch the lens coating! Whilst you are at it, buy a wee lens cleaning spray (one which say anti mist) they really work !

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