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Thread: on or off?

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    on or off?

    Here's a question, ans I'd be interested to hear member's personal views, rather than what the books say. How do you define whether the roe rut has started? Bucks in attendance? Bucks coming to the call? Does leading bucks?

    I'm just coming to the end of a 3 day trip to d&g. Weather has been 'mixed' :-(

    On the same (separate by about a mile) fields I've seen bucks running does (both mature and young bucks), unattended does feeding without a care in the world and questing bucks. My mate also shot a buck that came into the buttolo like a train.

    I'd say that rutting behaviour was just starting up here and some of the does are starting to come on. However, depending on what day you happened to be on the ground I'm sure some would say the rut was yet to start, was going full throttle or was all over bar the shouting!

    Looking forward to some personal views.


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    No one?!? I'd have thought with all the excited comments on other threads that someone would stick their neck out and offer their own views?!?!


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    The only guarantee is bucks covering does! I've seen lots of the above this year, chasing and lone does. Even saw a pair chasing with a mature doe feeding totally uninterested in the same small field!

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    As above, bucks covering does is the only sure sign, my theory is, I think when your getting bucks coming to the call themselves, not following does coming in, is a good indication that the rut is in full swing, as they have possibly already covered a doe and know what it's all about.
    I shot a buck on Wednesday night, he was with a doe in a thick rushy field, could only see top of his antlers, I started calling and the doe came charging in, thinks to myself 'here we go', she came to 20m and he never budged stayed put, eventually he started feeding and I got a clear shot at him, I don't think the doe was fully in season as if he had been running her then he wouldn't have left her to come herself, think he knew he was meant to be with her but not quite sure what for


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