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Thread: Hello from Seb in lancashire

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    Hello from Seb in lancashire

    Hi, I am Sebastian smith and I am nearly 13 years old.
    I go out stalking with my father smithp18 on this site for Roe and Sika.
    i go out with my father shooting rabbits and squirrels with a .22 rimfire and have shot .243, .270 and a .30-06. I go beating and picking up helping on a shoot feeding the birds and vermin control.
    I know I am a bit young to be able contribute much but I enjoy read learning from the posts.


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    Seb, you have got yourself a real flying start to be envied by many more young ones who have struck out in the game of life!, enjoy watching & learning from the one who matters! 8)

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    Thank you very much i hope the very best with you to

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    welcome to the site seb,glad you made it on here mate.its good to see new members on here what ever age they are.look after the old man for us mate,i was really looking forward to catching up with him up in scotland.never mind work as to come before pleasure some times .
    regards Andy

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    Your one lucky lad.

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    Hello Seb,

    and welcome to the site. I expect your dad has warned you about one or two of the dodgy characters on here Sorry that you will not be putting in an appearance at this years do, never mind there is always the hinds later on.


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